about us

Our Process

Over 25 years ago, Totally Chocolate established the world of precision-engraved, fully custom chocolate with the introduction of short-run molds, created entirely “in house”. To this day, our technology remains “exclusive” to us and our vision. No other chocolate company offers the same level of exquisite detail that we have perfected over decades. We are custom chocolate perfectionists, right down to the smallest feature of your artwork.

Over the years, our product line has expanded to include a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and exciting packaging options. Years ago, we decided to move past the traditional gold and silver chocolate boxes to offer customer-specific, photographic-quality, printed lids, all available quickly and at a reasonable cost.

We are proud that all of our design and production takes place in our own factory, located in Washington State. All of the packaging for your corporate, wedding, special event or ready-to-ship chocolate is also made in the United States.

Our Chocolate

Totally Chocolate only uses 100% pure Belgian chocolate.

Our chocolate starts with top quality cocoa beans from responsibly-managed family farms in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, two countries known for their exceptional cocoa quality. While selecting the best cocoa beans, our supplier is conscious of farmers’ wages and benefits. Our supplier always ensures that farmers receive fair prices and are supported with technical assistance and other educational benefits.

Before the beans are shipped to us, they are carefully roasted and processed into fine chocolate using premium European ingredients and equipment. Our recipe calls for an extra measure of cocoa butter - the most expensive ingredient in chocolate - to create a more glossy appearance and luxurious taste.  

Our Service

Whatever you may need, our team is here for you. Our customer service professionals can guide you quickly and efficiently through the order process via live chat, email, or phone. Our advanced art department will help with design ideas to support your creative expression. Our shipping and fulfillment department prides itself on the guarantee that your final product will arrive in pristine condition and in a timely manner. At Totally Chocolate, we are here for you. Call or email us now to learn more.

Call Us: 1-800-255-5506
Email Us: sales@totallychocolate.com