• Custom Chocolate Gift
  • Custom Chocolate Gift

Wrapper Bar Gift Set

#8004, #8005, #8006, #8007
Our wrapper bar gift set offers six of our popular custom wrapper bars in your choice Belgian milk or dark chocolate. You can do one wrapper style or choose up to six different designs! Packaging includes clear lid with gold or silver stretch bow, or our standard packaging options.
Box size: 9 5/8" x 5 9/16" x 7/8"
Approx. net wt: 7.2 oz.

Prices listed per assortment.
Assortments with One Wrapper Design
Gift Pack w/Standard Packaging #8004$19.00$18.35$17.85$17.15
Gift Pack w/Clear Lid and Stretch Bow #8005$17.00$16.35$15.85$15.15
Mold fee $100
Prices listed per assortment.
Assortments with up to Six Wrapper Designs
Gift Pack w/Standard Packaging #8006$23.25$22.75$22.50$21.50
Gift Pack w/Clear Lid and Stretch Bow #8007$21.25$20.75$20.50$19.50
Mold fee $100

Complimentary Packaging - Includes full-color, custom imprinted gift bands!

Custom Printed Lids - Your custom design in full-color!

Want custom but need help with ideas? Choose from the large assortment of predesigned bars, lids and gift bands below and we'll drop your name in for you!

Holiday Wrapper Bar Designs
Non-Holiday Wrapper Bar Designs

Holiday Box Lid Designs
Holiday Gift Band Designs

Non-Holiday Box Lid Designs
Non-Holiday Gift Band Designs

*Gift band and box lid designs apply to items #8004 and #8006. Custom packaging prices apply for custom lids.

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“Yes! Received word this morning that we will be ordering chocolates again this year. Upper management is excited about the savings and early booking discounts.” - Kelsey F., Administrator

“We have used you for our holiday gifts for the past 6 years and last year we tried something different because we thought our customers might like a change but boy were we wrong! They let us know that they missed the great chocolate so we are back and want to take advantage of the early order offer. I’m so glad you save the molds!” - Penny C., Owner

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